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  • Trusted companion

    Trusted companion

    Kingchain Media always puts the interests of our customers to the highest level, fully supports the development of the project and wishes to maintain long-term cooperation, even when the project is over.
  • Professional process

    Professional process

    The team of Kingchain Media has experienced over the years consulting and building communities for ICO projects in the international market. The preparation and implementation process will always be clearly communicated to ensure a coherent working process between the two sides, bringing the maximum benefit to the project.
  • Complete service

    Complete service

    Kingchain Media offers a variety of service packages with a variety of choices for ICO projects. Thanks to its extensive network of professionals and partners, Kingchain Media ensures the full package of marketing from A to Z, enabling the project to deliver a powerful and vibrant communication to the community investors in the shortest time, with the most reasonable cost.
  • Pioneer


    Kingchain Media is proud to be one of the pioneers operating in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Vietnam. Kingchain Media insists on deep understanding of the business, market and sector, not only within the country but also internationally.