1. About us

Kingchain Media JSC is one of the pioneers providing marketing services for ICO projects in the field of Blockchain technology and Crytocurrency in Vietnam.

Kingchain Media provides a comprehensive marketing solution with a wide range of packages and services of top quality, ensuring the efficiency and professionalism of businesses and organizations.

Kingchain Media is also aiming to build a global network and strong connections between projects, investors, suppliers, partners and customers in the Blockchain area.

2. Vision

With the advantage of being one of the pioneers in Blockchain field in Vietnam, Kingchain Media has been trying to become the leading media corporation in the country.

With the aspiration of leading and the strategy of sustainable development, the company aims to provide a comprehensive solution for all multimedia items in all fields, affirming the prestige and position on regional and world maps.

- In 2020, Kingchain Media is aiming to be #1 in the field of marketing for ICC Blockchain and Crytocurrency projects in Vietnam.

- In 2023, Kingchain Media proceeded to diversify the type of service and business area, expanding its scope of operations to the international market, initially to Southeast Asian countries.

3. Mission

Changing people's lives in a positive way by promoting the application of Blockchain technology in all aspects of life.

4. Our Principles

“The King of Trust”

Kingchain Media places prestige - quality as the first criterion to build trust in customers, by providing the most suitable service package with reasonable price.


5. Business Philosophy

When you help your customers get what they need, you will also achieve what you want.